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Another challenging school year for student councils and school volunteer circles lies ahead!

Due to our continuous development and the opening of new avenues of activity, we have decided to expand our Volunteer Team. We are now looking for people to support us with their work, smiles, knowledge and experience.

Roundtable around Greater Poland Education

On the fifth of December, the Roundtable around Greater Poland Education took place.

More than 80 people, 8 tables, over a dozen organisations, countless topics and definitely not enough time to talk about everything that needs to be changed in education

Thank you for your participation and expert knowledge from your daily experiences!

Now it’s our turn – we will turn the collected demands into a publication, which we will pass on to decision-makers in local government units. We will push for change at the local level, without waiting for changes at the Ministry of Education.

The event was organised by the Varia Posnania Foundation and the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Poznan.

Varia Posnania Foundation joins Poznan Days of Tolerance!

We invite you to a series of webinars for the teaching staff of Poznan schools, talking about the rights of non-heteronormative and gender non-conforming people in the Polish legal system, opportunities for support within the institution, local government units and civil society organizations, as well as good practices from other institutions, cities and countries.

Enrollment is open to those teaching in public and non-public schools of all levels of education. Also welcome are students who want to learn more about their rights.

  • November 16, 19:00 – Parent/guardian-student relationship; dispelling myths about required documents and statements; possible forms of support for non-heteronormative and non-sexual learners from the perspective of educational staff on the legal and psycho-physical well-being levels;

  • November 23, 19:00 – Organization of events promoting equality and diversity at school such as the so-called Rainbow Fridays, Equality Days, anti-discrimination workshops;

  • November 30, 19:00 – The right to express one’s beliefs at school; the limits of limiting the appearance of learners; the right to freedom of speech and expression of learners’ own views.

The webinars will be led by Varia Posnania Foundation lawyer, Jan Pieniążek

Registration form:

Participation in the webinars is free of charge, those enrolled will receive a link to the meeting on the ZOOM platform to the email address provided.

The project is carried out as part of the Poznań Week of Tolerance and is financed by the budget of the City of Poznań.

On Monday 07.11 the first screening of the Film Academy of Understanding will take place!

Entries are still open for the film „Lada Dzień”, which we will watch on 7.11 at 9:00 at Muza Cinema.

The film tells the story of 13-year-old Ramin from Iran and his family. They are staying in a refugee centre in Finland. As the boy begins to enjoy his holidays, the family receives the terrible news that their application for asylum has been rejected.

Entire secondary school classes, groups of friends as well as community organisations working for education and youth can apply. We also accept individual applications.

Sign in here!

The project was financed from the City of Poznań’s budget funds #poznansupports

Rainbow Friday on 28.10!

This year we want to help you celebrate this day safely – legally and without unlawful bans. Below, we discuss in a few paragraphs the legal basis on which you can celebrate this day.

  • According to Article 54 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, everyone is guaranteed the freedom to express views and to obtain and disseminate information, and all censorship is prohibited. Only views inciting hatred, symbolising views such as Nazism, fascism, etc. may be prohibited. Furthermore – according to Articles 12 and 13 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – children have the right to hold their own views and express them freely.

  • No one has the right to prohibit the manifestation of their views through appearance, dress and words. A day such as Rainbow Friday is intended to raise public awareness of tolerance, love and acceptance – there is no rationale for banning demonstrations on this day.

Unfortunately, some education staff are trying to put the brakes on – variously expressed – demonstrations on this Friday, perhaps disguising this under the guise of offending religious feelings, the apolitical nature of the school, etc.

  • Manifesting one’s views, professing genuine tolerance and acceptance, is not an offence to religious feelings. Many schools have provisions in their statutes for educating young people in tolerance, acceptance, respect for others, etc. – These provisions are numerous and often take different forms, but at the same time they represent the same range of meaning. It would therefore be a contradiction in terms if schools were to prohibit something that is in line with their statutes.

  • The Constitution is on our side, as is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, don’t be afraid, demonstrate – and if you have problems – contact us directly at and we provide support for legal interventions and dispel doubts about the legal aspects of Rainbow Friday. If necessary, we will write a letter to the school informing them of their rights in this regard. We can also intervene at the level of the governing body. Of course, we also accept anonymous reports.

    Please note that when organising events, lectures or information campaigns, you may need to obtain permission from the school management. If you have any doubts about the activities you are planning, we will be happy to answer them at the email addresses indicated.

    Are you planning something for the day? Let us know!!! Our team would love to meet with you to show the world how you are creating an equal and safe school.

Another challenging school year for student councils and school volunteer circles lies ahead!

During the Student Councils meeting in June, we were surprised by the number of questions about the legal framework for student councils and school volunteer circles.

We have therefore decided to meet again to dispel your doubts and give you energy for action in the new school year!

Let’s meet on 27 October at 5:30 p.m. at the Pireus Cultural Incubator (Głogowska 35). There will be something to eat and drink, but the most important thing is to be there and to be you!

Student councils, school volunteer circles their guardians and chaperones, as well as parent councils can apply.

Apply now!

Funded from the budget of the City of Poznań.

On 07-09 October, a delegation from our foundation took part in a training organised by the British Council and the Polish Council of Youth Organisations , „PROM”. The coaching workshop was aimed at developing new leadership competences in the participants. During the event, our volunteers visited the British Embassy and a training centre near Warsaw. They had the pleasure of meeting activists, youth councillors and representatives of youth assemblies from all over the country. Our team returned equipped with new skills and experiences, as well as valuable contacts.

Together with Dżungla Cafe and the Centre for Psychotherapy and Development Przestrzeń we invite you to group meetings with specialists in mental health, interpersonal relations and emotions. On 4 Mondays in October and November we will meet at the Dżungla Cafe at 32 Głogowska St. Admission is free, no registration is required.

Topics of the Blocks:

  • 10.10, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Agnieszka Gasperowicz, Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska. Different forms of addiction, common ground. A problem of an individual that affects the entire family system.

  • 24.10, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska, Ewelina Pers. Is it sadness or already depression? Discussion on the symptoms and various forms of depression.

  • 07.11, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Agnieszka Gasperowicz, Ewelina Pers. The language of emotions. How to read our emotions, how to use them?

  • 21.11, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska, Agnieska Gasperowicz, Ewelina Pers. How to build healthy closeness in relationships and recognise signs of difficulties? Discussion on how the past translates into current problems in close relationships.

On Friday, September 30, a delegation of the foundation visited the headquarters of the CREO association in Poznan. At the site, we had the opportunity to hold an unconventional form of workshop focusing on volunteer activities in the broadest sense. The meeting began with the introduction of all those present, among whom were, among others, representatives of the Impulse Foundation or the Association for Yes. The activities took the form of a large-format board game, for which each player could make his own pawn out of plasticine. During the game, we drew cards with hypothetical situations that could take place in any „NGO”. Each card involved discussions, through which we were able to learn the perspectives of other volunteers, as well as learn new things from the more experienced ones.

We have launched 2 student rights intervention email boxes.The address is operated in Polish and English, while the address is operated in Ukrainian.

Write to us if:

  • Your rights are being violated at school

  • School authorities do not respect your equality before the law

  • You face discrimination at school on any grounds

  • Internal school regulations may be inconsistent with superior law.

We can help!

We are carrying out the project together with the Foundation for Students’ Rightsand the Social and Cultural Association Poland Ukraine in Poznan.

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