On Friday, September 30, a delegation of the foundation visited the headquarters of the CREO association in Poznan. At the site, we had the opportunity to hold an unconventional form of workshop focusing on volunteer activities in the broadest sense. The meeting began with the introduction of all those present, among whom were, among others, representatives of the Impulse Foundation or the Association for Yes. The activities took the form of a large-format board game, for which each player could make his own pawn out of plasticine. During the game, we drew cards with hypothetical situations that could take place in any „NGO”. Each card involved discussions, through which we were able to learn the perspectives of other volunteers, as well as learn new things from the more experienced ones.

We have launched 2 student rights intervention email boxes.The address twojeprawa@variaposnania.pl is operated in Polish and English, while the tvoiprava@variaposnania.pl address is operated in Ukrainian.

Write to us if:

  • Your rights are being violated at school

  • School authorities do not respect your equality before the law

  • You face discrimination at school on any grounds

  • Internal school regulations may be inconsistent with superior law.

We can help!

We are carrying out the project together with the Foundation for Students’ Rightsand the Social and Cultural Association Poland Ukraine in Poznan.

The fourth edition of the Poznań Student Government Congress was held on Wednesday and Thursday, the 21st and 22nd of September. This year schools from all over Wielkopolska, not only from Poznań, were able to participate. We noted a record attendance at the event – more than 300 people signed up. The event was held in the building of the Educational Center for Electronic Services.

This year’s congress theme was volunteering and student government. Over the course of two days we were able to listen to lectures and debates on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the hygiene of volunteer work to student rights and the state of statutes in educational institutions. Between program points, school representatives had the opportunity to integrate with each other and exchange views. During the congress, our new project to protect students’ rights was announced. Its details will be presented soon.

We would like to thank the invited guests, as well as all those who attended for their time and for showing up at the congress.

The 4th Poznań Congress of Student Councils will be held this September on 21st and 23rd. This year the event is co-organized by our foundation. For the first time it will last two days – the main theme of the Congress will be volunteerism. This year, also for the first time, participation in the Congress is open to Student Councils from outside Poznań. Persons from the entire Wielkopolska voivodeship may apply. The entire event is free of charge, the order of application applies.

We invite you to sign up!

On Sunday, 04.09 in Warsaw, a protest was held against the new subject being introduced in schools, under the name HiT Happens – the Funeral of Polish Education. The event took place in front of the Ministry of Education and Science, and was attended by representatives of NGOs as well as politicians and local government officials. Our founder and CEO – Kacper Nowicki – was one of the speakers at the event.

During his speech, he pointed out how PiS is destroying the next generation, but this is not a process that started yesterday and can be reversed with a change of majority in the parliament. HiT is the result of processes that have been taking place for a long time. He encouraged grassroots work – setting up associations, foundations, think tanks. Youth party members to insist on being heard, not treated merely as a backdrop to press conferences.

To expect local authorities to fulfill their promises – not everything depends on Czarnek and Roszkowski alone. To expect anti-discrimination classes, friendly school space, Student Rights Advocates, and finally money. He concluded his speech by pointing out that the last few years the younger generation has spent on the street, growing up on it, so to speak. It is now time for it to enter City Councils and Assemblies. It’s time to enter parliament.

We took part in the Poznań Good Fair, which took place on 04.09 at the Old Zoo. During the Fair you could visit our stand, which was located in the education zone. Visitors had the opportunity to give their own suggestions for changes in Polish education. We would like to thank everyone for taking part and giving their opinions.

We have decided to join the Appeal of youth circles against the History and the Present course, which is being introduced starting next school year.

The presented core curriculum and textbook for HiT are harmful content, partly untrue and promoting hatred.

Wierzymy, że szkoła powinna być miejscem otwartym na odmienność i wyrażanie swoich poglądów.

The appeal has been signed by dozens of youth city councils and youth organizations – the list continues to grow.

We kick off the vacation with a conversation about menstrual poverty. What is menstrual poverty? How to fight it? How to create period assistance points? On 08.07.2022 we will meet with Julia Kaffka, one of the founders of the Akcja Menstruacja Foundation. The discussion will be hosted by Marta Janicka. See you at 6 p.m. on the live broadcast on our Instagram.

The livestream is a part of the Gathering Postulates project funded by the Varia Posnania Foundation.

On June 15th XVIII session of the Youths’ Council of the City of Poznań took place. During the meeting our project We Collect Postulates was given honorary patronage. We would like to thank the Youth Council of the City of Poznań for the support!

School statutes are sometimes illegal. How to intervene, where to look for support? Małgorzata Tobis from our Foundation will discuss on 24.06.2022 at 7:00 pm with Jan Pieniążek from the Dead Statutes Association. We have already had the opportunity to meet Jan during a meeting with Student Councils at the Pireus Cultural Incubator. If you are interested, please visit our profile on Instagram. The meeting is part of the project „We Collect Postulates”.

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