On June 16, another live conversation as part of the #GatheringPostulates project! At 6pm on our instagram [active link] Aleksandra Sroka will host a meeting about activism on many fronts. Laura Kwoczała will talk about women’s, climate and equality activism, as well as work in parliament and youth in politics. We invite you to our Instagram account

The first live meeting in the #GatheringPostulates series is behind us. It took place on the fourteenth of June at the Pireus Cultural Incubator. The turnout and engagement exceeded our expectations! We talked about challenges, legalities, and projects related to student councils. We started to write down conclusions from the meeting, which will be included in the final publication of the project. We would like to thank the Dead Statutes Association and the Foundation for Students’ Rights for their expert voice, as well as the Culture Incubator – Pireus for their hospitality.

Student Councils are the foundation of civic society. They are the place where many young people start their social activism. Unfortunately, Student Councils are bodies that are often pushed to the margins of school communities. Due to insufficient legal regulations and informal arrangements they are often deprived of influence on the processes taking place at schools.

On Tuesday, June 14, we will ask what needs to change in student councils. The meeting will take place at 5pm at the Pireus Cultural Incubator. Together with the Foundation for Student Rights and the Dead Statutes Association, we will talk about the legal conditions, the shape of student councils and challenges they face.

The event is free and funded by the Varia Posnania Foundation. The event is primarily open to representatives of student councils from Poznań schools. We encourage you to come in a 2-3 person representation. Registration is obligatory, the order of submissions is decisive. If you have any questions, please contact us in private messages on our social media and at fundacja@variaposnania.pl.

Registration form

The event is part of the „Gathering Postulates” Project.

We invite you to a remote meeting with youth councils from across Poland, during which, accompanied by our special guest, Jan Pałasz, we will talk about the untapped potential of youth councils, the future of youth advisory bodies and their powers and competencies.

The meeting will be held remotely on 7th June at 18:00 on Google Meet platform, the link to the meeting with all the information will be sent to the e-mail address given in the form

The meeting will also be shared live on Foundation Facebook.

To act you need an Impulse! Kacper Parol and Aleksandra Szczygieł from the Impulse Foundation know this very well. On 05.06 at 6 p.m. they will talk with Tymoteusz Borsiak about the professionalization of youth activism. Please visit our Instagram, where a recording of the meeting will also be made available. The meeting is part of the series „Gathering Postulates”.

One of the pillars of Collecting Postulates is talking to people who are fighting every day for a better world. Kasia Niemier has been fighting for a green and just transformation for several years. Tune in to our Instagram 28.05 at 6pm. We will ask her what direction climate activism is taking, what challenges it faces, and whether it is time to turn the street into the parliament. The conversation will be moderated by Tomasz Poprawski.

The main goal of our Foundation is real change. We will undertake cooperation with the circles of education, activism, politics and business to raise the standards of education and youth participation in the social and political life of Poznan. We are beginning to collect postulates that will be included in the ideological declaration of our Foundation. In the near future, we will inform you about the first meetings and consultations.

At the beginning of this year’s January, after having fulfilled all the formalities, we filed a motion for the court to bestow the KRS number upon us. Today, after four months of waiting, we can spread the good news that on Sunday, 11 of April Varia Posnania Foundation got admitted to the National Court Register! Thereby, we can officially start functioning as Varia Posnania Foundation. Our starting projects that we have prepared, aimed at supporting the development of the youth of Poznań, will be accessible for you very soon.

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