Together with Dżungla Cafe and the Centre for Psychotherapy and Development Przestrzeń we invite you to group meetings with specialists in mental health, interpersonal relations and emotions. On 4 Mondays in October and November we will meet at the Dżungla Cafe at 32 Głogowska St. Admission is free, no registration is required.

Topics of the Blocks:

  • 10.10, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Agnieszka Gasperowicz, Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska. Different forms of addiction, common ground. A problem of an individual that affects the entire family system.

  • 24.10, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska, Ewelina Pers. Is it sadness or already depression? Discussion on the symptoms and various forms of depression.

  • 07.11, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Agnieszka Gasperowicz, Ewelina Pers. The language of emotions. How to read our emotions, how to use them?

  • 21.11, g.19:30-21:30

    moderation: Adrianna Wolszczak-Kordulewska, Agnieska Gasperowicz, Ewelina Pers. How to build healthy closeness in relationships and recognise signs of difficulties? Discussion on how the past translates into current problems in close relationships.

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