We intervene in the matter of uniforms!

We received a notification from a student of the Forestry Technical School, indicating that the school orders students to buy a school uniform, the total cost of which exceeds PLN 1,400.

Due to the fact that everyone is entitled to free access to education, after checking this situation – we could not ignore it.

The obligation to purchase uniforms by all students violates Art. 70 sec. 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, according to which education in Polish schools is free of charge. Moreover, the operation of the school as an organizational unit performing public tasks does not comply with the directive specified in Art. 70 sec. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in terms of ensuring equal and universal access to education and training. Uniforms are not an element that is necessary to conduct education in public schools.

In connection with the above, if a school wants to introduce a uniform uniform on school premises, it should guarantee equal and universal, and above all, free access to the uniform for all people studying at school.

We are writing to the Ministry of Climate and Environment – Anna Moskva to take appropriate action in this matter, as this school falls under this ministry. We are counting on a quick response and clarification of the matter.

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We’ll train your school on non-cis gender rights!

A gift from us at the end of Pride! In cooperation with the City of Poznań, we are starting a new project in the field of non-cissex rights.

What will it consist of?

We will organize training and mentoring meetings for teaching staff and civil society organizations in the field of rights and proper communication with young non-cisgender people.

We will provide copies of our publication “The situation of non-cissex people at school” to libraries in Poznań schools.

Several hundred teachers and teachers will be given pins informing that they are allies

And much more, which we will talk about soon!

On this occasion, we invite you to our stand at the picnic before the Poznań Equality March on July 1 in the courtyard of the Imperial Castle.

The project is financed from the budget of the city of Poznań.

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This is how the monument of the Olympians in Malta may look like!

June 26th The City Department submitted a request to the Poznań Sports and Recreation Center to modify the Poznań Olympics monument, which, due to its “raw”, and thus unsightly appearance, aroused controversy in the urban space in 2021.

The Foundation does not propose dismantling the monument, but its beautification by adding plantings next to the plaques commemorating the achievements of the Poznań Olympians. In addition to planting, it would be worth considering covering the concrete part of the monument with ivy. Planted trees would be beneficial for the environment and natural retention, especially in times of a progressive climate catastrophe.

“We also propose a specific initiative to the City. Let’s organize a joint planting action with Poznań Olympians and Olympians, not only those with medals, but also those who will qualify for the next Games in Paris. Let’s let the inhabitants of Poznań know their proud representatives!” – say Aleksandra Sroka, Kostiantin Surkov, Mikołaj Szymkowiak, the initiators of the application.

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We call for improvement of the garbage infrastructure on the Warta River!

Summer is slowly beginning, and with it many people spend long evenings by the Warta River. The ashes from the barbecue, which are often poured into the plastic bins, start to melt and the garbage in them to burn, which is a threat and damage to the environment.

Our proposal for the Poznań City Hall includes:

– Placing more ash containers, or increasing the volume and emptying the existing ones more often;

– Increasing the number of glass containers due to their constant overflow;

– Considering replacing plastic containers with brick or metal ones, due to their resistance to hot ash thrown into them.

We encourage you to read the content of the application:

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We request the availability of vegan meals in schools

We request the Department of Education to ensure the availability of vegan meals in educational institutions run by the City of Poznań as an option available every day in a healthy and balanced form.

As the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition, we talked about it today with Halina Owsianek and Marta Mazurek at the press conference. We have already sent the application to the Department, and on Thursday we will present it to the Education and Upbringing Committee of the Poznań City Council.

We encourage you to read the content of the application:

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We are opening a city department!

The last few months have been a lot of work for us in fixing Poznań education. We have decided to expand our activities to other spheres of Poznan life.

What will we do?


-Community transportation

-Climate and environment

-Public services


And many others!

At the same time, we are launching the possibility of reporting to us issues that should be dealt with in an intervention mode. Do you see an issue that should have been taken care of long ago? A cracked sidewalk, not enough greenery, a chronically “falling out” bus? We will advise you, tell you who to turn to, take up the fight together!

You can write to us at dzialmiejski@variaposnania.pl

We will soon inform you about the first activities of the Department.

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We sign an agreement on cooperation with the Youth Council under the Mayor of Kharkiv

We established cooperation this week with the youth of Kharkiv, a partner city of Poznan in eastern Ukraine.

President of our Foundation Kacper Nowicki met in Kharkiv with a delegation of the Youth Council to the Mayor of Kharkiv to discuss future cooperation.

The main goal of the cooperation will be to support Ukrainian youth in organizing participatory projects, organizing international projects and supporting Ukraine on its way to European Union membership.

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Conversations on education – public hearing

Together with the Parliamentary Youth Group, we organised a public hearing on students’ rights in the Senate. It was attended by dozens of representatives of CSOs, youth councils and student self-governments.

The outcome of the meeting will be the creation of Work Groups that will develop proposals for legislative changes in the education system, taking into account respect for students’ rights.

During the hearing, those in attendance raised a number of issues, such as the functioning of student self-governments and youth councils, the growing problem of psychological and sexual violence in schools, the lack of adequate psychological and pedagogical care, inadequate access to healthy plant-based meals in schools, the need for sound sex education, the differentiation of rights and responsibilities between adults and minors, and inadequacies in curricula.

We are pleased to have been able to create a space for discussion and the development of constructive solutions. We believe that the recommendations of the Work Groups will contribute to improving the situation in the Polish education system.

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Let’s talk about Poznań over coffee

We would like to invite you to a series of meetings with people familiar with Poznań and the work of local government. In a relaxed atmosphere we will talk about the involvement of young people in the social life of our city.

Meetings schedule::

  • February 20 at 16:00 with Frank Sterczewski – city activist, MP for the ninth term of the Parliament, Councilor of the Lazarus Estate – Jungle Cafe.

  • February 22 at 3:30 p.m. with Dorota Bonk-Hammermeister – Councilwoman of the City of Poznań, Councilor of the Wilda Estate since 2010, since 2015 Chairwoman of the Wilda Estate Council – Pora Dnia Café.

  • February 23 at 15:30 with Jedrzej Solarski – Deputy Mayor of Poznan – cafe Różove.

The project was funded under the Stronger Together program implemented by the Polish Council of Youth Organizations in cooperation with the British Council