On Sunday, 04.09 in Warsaw, a protest was held against the new subject being introduced in schools, under the name HiT Happens – the Funeral of Polish Education. The event took place in front of the Ministry of Education and Science, and was attended by representatives of NGOs as well as politicians and local government officials. Our founder and CEO – Kacper Nowicki – was one of the speakers at the event.

During his speech, he pointed out how PiS is destroying the next generation, but this is not a process that started yesterday and can be reversed with a change of majority in the parliament. HiT is the result of processes that have been taking place for a long time. He encouraged grassroots work – setting up associations, foundations, think tanks. Youth party members to insist on being heard, not treated merely as a backdrop to press conferences.

To expect local authorities to fulfill their promises – not everything depends on Czarnek and Roszkowski alone. To expect anti-discrimination classes, friendly school space, Student Rights Advocates, and finally money. He concluded his speech by pointing out that the last few years the younger generation has spent on the street, growing up on it, so to speak. It is now time for it to enter City Councils and Assemblies. It’s time to enter parliament.