Student Councils are the foundation of civic society. They are the place where many young people start their social activism. Unfortunately, Student Councils are bodies that are often pushed to the margins of school communities. Due to insufficient legal regulations and informal arrangements they are often deprived of influence on the processes taking place at schools.

On Tuesday, June 14, we will ask what needs to change in student councils. The meeting will take place at 5pm at the Pireus Cultural Incubator. Together with the Foundation for Student Rights and the Dead Statutes Association, we will talk about the legal conditions, the shape of student councils and challenges they face.

The event is free and funded by the Varia Posnania Foundation. The event is primarily open to representatives of student councils from Poznań schools. We encourage you to come in a 2-3 person representation. Registration is obligatory, the order of submissions is decisive. If you have any questions, please contact us in private messages on our social media and at

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The event is part of the “Gathering Postulates” Project.