We’ll train your school on non-cis gender rights!

A gift from us at the end of Pride! In cooperation with the City of Poznań, we are starting a new project in the field of non-cissex rights.

What will it consist of?

We will organize training and mentoring meetings for teaching staff and civil society organizations in the field of rights and proper communication with young non-cisgender people.

We will provide copies of our publication “The situation of non-cissex people at school” to libraries in Poznań schools.

Several hundred teachers and teachers will be given pins informing that they are allies

And much more, which we will talk about soon!

On this occasion, we invite you to our stand at the picnic before the Poznań Equality March on July 1 in the courtyard of the Imperial Castle.

The project is financed from the budget of the city of Poznań.

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