Conversations on education – public hearing

Together with the Parliamentary Youth Group, we organised a public hearing on students’ rights in the Senate. It was attended by dozens of representatives of CSOs, youth councils and student self-governments.

The outcome of the meeting will be the creation of Work Groups that will develop proposals for legislative changes in the education system, taking into account respect for students’ rights.

During the hearing, those in attendance raised a number of issues, such as the functioning of student self-governments and youth councils, the growing problem of psychological and sexual violence in schools, the lack of adequate psychological and pedagogical care, inadequate access to healthy plant-based meals in schools, the need for sound sex education, the differentiation of rights and responsibilities between adults and minors, and inadequacies in curricula.

We are pleased to have been able to create a space for discussion and the development of constructive solutions. We believe that the recommendations of the Work Groups will contribute to improving the situation in the Polish education system.

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