About us

The members of Varia Posnania are over a dozen people who are not strangers to Poznań. We come from the schools and universities of Poznań, a few of us are activists, we have different views and goals, and we perceive the world in different ways. Our feature, however, is the belief that being passive in the face of reality does not lead to anything good. We have been working for a long time as individuals in student councils, student parliaments, and some activist and or non-government organisations. We decided to meet halfway and take one common aim. We want to make Poznań a place where education is a pleasant participative process, equality of opportunities and standards is a universal value, and freedom of the majority does not limit the laws of the minority.

We are going to integrate, educate and support on many levels the environments of the youth organisations which could not function as they wanted because of social and legal conditions.

Our main goals are:


Spread awareness that one does not need a lot of money, organised structures and influences to make a change in one’s closest neighbourhood.



Integrate the existing youth organisations, which have been working at schools and in the cities, to create a friendly environment for education and development.



Use the available legal, financial and organisational solutions to support the groups, without previous financial or substantive support, in a real way.




Train people in the fields of citizenship education, create social projects, the functioning student councils and other informal groups, and how organise the voluntary services.



Coach the leaders of tomorrow, who will become the foundation for the non-government organisations, and the political and activist life of Poznań.