• Increasing civic competences of young people in the field of:

    – social participation in Poland,

    – legal and practical functioning of NGOs and CSOs,

    – democracy in school,

    – psychophysical well-being in activism.

  • Creation of a network of representatives of the rights of isolated people in schools

For whom?

The group is primarily addressed to boys and young men (14-24) with migration and refugee experience.

When and where?

Lectures, workshops and meetings will be held in Poznań between January and March 2024.

The organisers will reimburse participants for the cost of travel to Poznań, and food and drinks will be provided during the lectures, lectures and meetings. If participants do not speak Polish, translation into the chosen language will be provided.

Topic Date Moderator
Social Participation in Poland 10 February, 14:00 Kostiantyn Surkov
Psychophysical well-being in activism 24 February, 14:00 Kacper Nowicki
Democracy in School 9 March, 14:00 Jan Pieniążek
Legal and practical functioning of NGOs and CSOs 16 March, 14:00 Aleksandra Sroka

The Democracy and Participation Support Group is a project implemented with the support of the “Tutaj” Fund organised by Ahsoka.

To apply, please fill out the form below. Contact with the organizers is possible through social media of the Foundation.

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Support Group For Democracy And Participation

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