We intervene in the matter of uniforms!

We received a notification from a student of the Forestry Technical School, indicating that the school orders students to buy a school uniform, the total cost of which exceeds PLN 1,400.

Due to the fact that everyone is entitled to free access to education, after checking this situation – we could not ignore it.

The obligation to purchase uniforms by all students violates Art. 70 sec. 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, according to which education in Polish schools is free of charge. Moreover, the operation of the school as an organizational unit performing public tasks does not comply with the directive specified in Art. 70 sec. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in terms of ensuring equal and universal access to education and training. Uniforms are not an element that is necessary to conduct education in public schools.

In connection with the above, if a school wants to introduce a uniform uniform on school premises, it should guarantee equal and universal, and above all, free access to the uniform for all people studying at school.

We are writing to the Ministry of Climate and Environment – Anna Moskva to take appropriate action in this matter, as this school falls under this ministry. We are counting on a quick response and clarification of the matter.

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