Varia Posnania Foundation joins Poznan Days of Tolerance!

We invite you to a series of webinars for the teaching staff of Poznan schools, talking about the rights of non-heteronormative and gender non-conforming people in the Polish legal system, opportunities for support within the institution, local government units and civil society organizations, as well as good practices from other institutions, cities and countries.

Enrollment is open to those teaching in public and non-public schools of all levels of education. Also welcome are students who want to learn more about their rights.

  • November 16, 19:00 – Parent/guardian-student relationship; dispelling myths about required documents and statements; possible forms of support for non-heteronormative and non-sexual learners from the perspective of educational staff on the legal and psycho-physical well-being levels;

  • November 23, 19:00 – Organization of events promoting equality and diversity at school such as the so-called Rainbow Fridays, Equality Days, anti-discrimination workshops;

  • November 30, 19:00 – The right to express one’s beliefs at school; the limits of limiting the appearance of learners; the right to freedom of speech and expression of learners’ own views.

The webinars will be led by Varia Posnania Foundation lawyer, Jan Pieniążek

Registration form:

Participation in the webinars is free of charge, those enrolled will receive a link to the meeting on the ZOOM platform to the email address provided.

The project is carried out as part of the Poznań Week of Tolerance and is financed by the budget of the City of Poznań.

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