This is how the monument of the Olympians in Malta may look like!

June 26th The City Department submitted a request to the Poznań Sports and Recreation Center to modify the Poznań Olympics monument, which, due to its “raw”, and thus unsightly appearance, aroused controversy in the urban space in 2021.

The Foundation does not propose dismantling the monument, but its beautification by adding plantings next to the plaques commemorating the achievements of the Poznań Olympians. In addition to planting, it would be worth considering covering the concrete part of the monument with ivy. Planted trees would be beneficial for the environment and natural retention, especially in times of a progressive climate catastrophe.

“We also propose a specific initiative to the City. Let’s organize a joint planting action with Poznań Olympians and Olympians, not only those with medals, but also those who will qualify for the next Games in Paris. Let’s let the inhabitants of Poznań know their proud representatives!” – say Aleksandra Sroka, Kostiantin Surkov, Mikołaj Szymkowiak, the initiators of the application.

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